Tommy, Garry and Larry:

Karen, the boys and I would like to take this opportunity to extend our warmest and most heartfelt thank you for the hard work you all did in building our home.  Given the experiences we had with the other builder we considered, you truly made building our dream home an unbelievable experience.  When we tell our friends about our experiences throughout the process we are continually told how lucky we were to find such wonderful builders.   You truly went out of your way to make sure we were comfortable with each and every decision we made throughout the process.  Thank you for your guidance and professionalism in every aspect of building.  We appreciated having each of you on speed dial and the prompt responses to any questions that we had.  You consistently made sure we were comfortable with any obstacles that we encountered and made sure the final decision was ours.  I often recall the brick and stone confusion in the front of the house, and to this day we are grateful for the quick and corrective measures that were made.  But the memory that stands out most in my mind was at the end of process I was speaking to Larry, I told him that he did a great job and we were excited to move in.  His response was, “It wasn’t me, we just have good sub’s.”  His humbleness was truly genuine.  You are not only superb builders, but good people.  You have the best interest of the homeowners in mind throughout the process, and you always treated us in the best way possible….as you would want to be treated.Thank you again for all of your efforts.  Not only did we receive the home that we have always dreamed of, but we also acquired three new friends in the process.  We hope you take us up on our offer to use our home as a model of the quality of work you provide.

Brian, Karen, Garrett, Quinten and Matthew M.

Dear Future Homeowner:
In our opinion, you could not find a more responsive group of builders to help build your “dream house”.  When you hire the Garrett Brothers, you get three wonderful men with years of experience in the local area and a great deal of pride in the work that they do.  The group of sub-contractors that were used in our home also reflected the values and level of competence that they strive to achieve in every project undertaken.   The process does not end with the completion of construction, but continues until the homeowner is totally satisfied in every last detail.
We are extremely pleased and proud of the home that they built for us and would be happy to talk to any potential client regarding the brother’s abilities and what they could expect when hiring Garrett Brothers Homes.

Mark and Diana P.

To Whom It May Concern:
This letter is written in regards to our experience with Tommy, Larry and Garry Garrett of Garrett Brothers Luxury Homes.  About two years ago we met with the Garrett brothers and told them we were very interested in building our dream home.  Prior to this meeting, we had looked at several homes built by the Garrett Brothers and were very impressed at the workmanship in each home.   At the time of the meeting, we discussed our lifestyles and what we wanted for both working and day to day living.  The input the Garrett Brothers gave us was immeasurable.

We did select the Garrett Brothers of Garrett Brothers Luxury Homes to build our home and have no regrets.  We can only say positive things about this experience.  First of all, we were living in California at the time.  The Garrett Brothers made sure we received digital photos so that we could watch the progress of our home as it was being built.  If there were any questions, we could call and talk with one of them at all times day or night.  As the building of our home progressed, they would ask us important questions concerning issues we had not previously thought about.  This allowed us time to make changes if necessary.

We were very pleased with the sub-contractors that worked for Garrett Brothers Luxury Homes.  The sub-contractors always treated us with respect and were willing to meet with us any time that we were able to come into town.  If we asked for advice they were more than willing to offer their opinion, but never made us feel like our choices were wrong.  After moving into our new home, we had a very positive experience completing minor punch list items.

Thank you,
Marsha and Gene B.

To Whom it May Concern:
My husband and I chose Garrett Brothers Builders for our remodel during the summer of 2008.  The remodel has completely restored our home and it looks like a brand new home!  They  were honest and took care of any problems or issues we faced.  We would recommend these fine men for any future jobs to friends and/or family.

Melissa M.
Heath, TX

We had our house custom built two years ago. At the time, we had no idea of which builder we should choose. Fortunately for us, a coworker recommended the Garrett brothers. We were extremely pleased with the work they did from beginning to end. They were with us every through step of the process and we never felt lost or overwhelmed. They would take the time to explain each phase of the construction and they were always available to answer our questions. The most important thing to me was to have a builder that I knew I could trust. It can’t be overstated how important it is to be able to trust the people you are working with, especially on an investment as important as your home. We have been very happy with our home and we receive compliments all the time. We highly recommend the Garrett brothers and you can be assured of the high quality of their work.

Paul and Kim B
Wylie, Texas

To Whom It May Concern:

I receive letters of recommendations all of the time, but wonder what the qualifications are of the one doing the writing, and if they can really be factual in what they say. I have been in business for over 42 years in Irving, Texas. I have read lots of resumes during this time period. Letting you know of my background, so you will understand the value of this recommendation. I feel qualified to recommend the Garrett Brothers. I have known and worked with them over the last three years.  They have done construction work for me personally and I have dealt with them in some financial dealings. All of my dealings with the Garrett Brothers have been very satisfactory. In construction work, they have very good long time sub-contractors. In doing a walk through to finish out the delivery of a construction job, they are not one to make excuses, but to take charge to please. I looked a long time to find someone I could trust like the Garrett Brothers. I do recommend them highly!

Vernon S.
Irving, TX


 Garrett Brothers Custom Homes
Rockwall, TX
Dear Garry, Larry and Tommy,
Nancy and I sincerely appreciate your assistance in helping us fulfill a dream.  We are extremely proud of our new home in Las Colinas.  Marc Moore and Archimatrix took our many years of ideas and portrayed them on paper, and you turned them into a reality.  We have a designer quality custom home in a beautiful setting that we will cherish for many years to come.  We are already reaping the benefits of the many energy efficiencies that were incorporated into the design and construction.
We are most appreciative of the high regard to detail that each of you professed throughout the process.  You told us many times that it wasn’t what you thought needed to be done, but what we wanted.  The goal has been achieved.
We want to especially thank Garry who spent so many hours driving back and forth from Rockwall to Las Colinas.  You always made us feel important, and that means a lot.  Your attention to every specific detail shows in the finished product.  You are a special person and a very special friend.  We appreciate the efforts of your subcontractors.  We have a solid foundation, beautiful stone and brick work on the exterior, and rich-looking finish work on the interior.  We appreciate everyone’s efforts.
Thanks again for your efforts.  We look forward to seeing more success stories for Garrett Brothers Custom Homes.  You build a wonderful product.
Danny and Nancy O.
Irving, Texas